Princeton Day School Community Council


Bios of more members are coming soon

Georgia Travers — Council President
Georgia Travers is the President of Community Council for the year 2008-2009.  Her goals for the administration focus around an increase in student participation in, enthusiasm for, and dedication to our school community.  She loves her fellow students, teamates, and friends, and is excited for the oppurtunity to collaborative with them to improve and enhance the school they all love.

Katie Greenberg — Senior Rep
Katie Greenberg has been on the Community Council for three years, serving as a Class of 2009 Representative.  This year, she's on the subcommittee for overhauling the summer reading selection process and will be working to make the bookstore more accessible to students.

Kevin Francfort — Sophmore Rep
This is Kevin's first year as a voting member in Council. He was Vice-President of the Freshman class last year.

Brendan Clune — Freshman President
Brendan Clune is the president of the freshmen class at PDS.  Last year he went to Timberlane Middle School, which is the public school in Hopewell Valley.  He lives in Hopewell, about 30 minutes from PDS.  This fall, he is playing varsity soccer, and is planning to tryout for the tennis team in the spring.  Though new to PDS, but he will try his best to improve this school and listen to ideas anyone may have for him.